Logos & Sponsors

Please feel free to contact our friendly team for more information.

Please use our positioning guide to confirm where we are able to place both logo and sponsor graphics. NOTE – We can apply logos & sponsors to ALL our garments. It is not limited to just the garments shown in the illustration, although some positions will depend on the style of garment.


1. Your Logo
2. Sponsor upper buttocks

3. Sponsor back left
4. Sponsors back right

1.Front lower
2.Front middle
3.Right arm lower
4.Right arm upper
5.Right shoulder
6.Right neck
7.Left neck
8.Left shoulder

9.Left arm upper
10.Left arm lower
11. Your logo
12.Lower back
13.Lower back 2
14.Shirt number
15.Shirt name
16.Back left arm lower

17.Back left arm upper
18.Back left shoulder
19.Back neck upper
20.Back right shoulder
21.Back right arm upper
22.Back right arm lower
23.Back neck lower

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