Fabric for rugby kit?

Most of our range is made from forms of polyester or a polyester/lycra blend. This is because polyester is tough and durable, easy to care for (e.g. it doesn’t crease) and has good natural wicking properties. 

Why Polyester?

Polyester has been around a while, but modern production methods let us create hi-tech fabrics out of it. Polyester fibres are very strong and resistant to abrasion (i.e. the fibres don’t break easily) and to stretching. One of the great properties of polyester for sportswear is that it has fantastic wicking properties. This is mainly because it hardly absorbs any water. Instead water is carried along the fibre, away from the body and evaporates from the surface of the clothes. Polyester will only absorb 0.4% of its weight of water, compared to 4% for nylon and 7% for cotton (under normal atmospheric conditions). Polyester, of course, is also very quick-drying, but even when wet its strength is hardly affected. Polyester is also a great easy care fabric. It is very resistant to creasing. This is because it has a high thermal stability – it has a very high melting temperature of 200°C. The fabric is set in shape with high heat during manufacture and keeps its shape well once set, so it sheds accidental creases easilv but retains deliberate pleats or moulding.
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