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This is a fantastic sponsorship opportunity for your club. In brief, we supply our Ambassador Clubs with heavily discounted prices and reward them with FREE kit. Yes that’s right, FREE KIT! In return we kindly request the use of photos/media from your sporting events work in partnership with you on joint social media campaigns to promote both our brand and your club. An opportunity not to be missed!

The offer is open to rugby clubs with a strong commitment to excellence just like us at Banda Sports.  The key to success is making sure that you retain a community element with an inclusive recruitment policy offering sport (and fun) to anyone, regardless of gender, race or level of experience.  

The Offers

* Based on Banda being the sole provider of all playing kit & tour kit and the Club achieving the agreed target spend per annum, Banda will offer the following:
* Discounted pricing: Banda will offer discounted pricing against RRP (Pricing shown separately) for the duration of the contract.
* Rebate: If the Club reaches the nett target spend Banda will offer a rebate in the form of FREE Kit the following season.
* Design Support: Banda will assist with design of promotional and marketing material (Banners etc.)
* Exclusive one year deal to supply all club members.

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