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Banda Sportswear has been designing, manufacturing and supplying Custom Rugby Kits & Teamwear to the UK and international rugby clubs and teams over the last two decades. Over this time, we have amassed an extensive library of kit designs which you can refer to for any initial inspiration. Then working closely with our in-house Creative Team and Production Team, we will convert your chosen design in to a kit to be proud of. We only use carefully selected performance fabrics that have been specifically developed for the game in the production of your Pro Quality match kit. If you are ready to order your kit and to assist you in deciding which are the most appropriate fabrics, style and fit for your custom kit please contact us either by phone at +44 7761 820408 or alternatively by email at info@bandasports.com
Many of our customers have experienced issues with the design, product quality and unacceptable delivery times when ordering bespoke sportswear. We took the time to evaluate why so many had encountered problems, what was causing these problems and more importantly if there anything that could be done differently.Years of research with visits to fabric suppliers and bespoke teamwear and clothing factories in the UK, Europe and the Far East, left us feeling confident with the findings and decisions. Sample bespoke sportswear orders were placed, technical fabrics were tested for compatibility and durability, delivery times were monitored. We are confident that you will not be disappointed for selecting Banda Sportswear.
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